01. About Us

We know that you can choose from thousands of professionals who call themselves “Financial Planners,” but we also know that there is no substitute for education, credentials and experience. That is why our advisors hold the prestigious CFP®, among other specialized designations respected in the industry. In addition, because our advisors are independent financial fiduciaries, you’ll never need to worry about biased advice or proprietary products. Our loyalty is only to our clients.

We are not a huge, cookie cutter firm. We are simply highly qualified people who help guide other people on the financial journey of their lives.

02. Our Philosophy

We know that you do not plan for numbers in columns. You plan for what is important in your life… for people who are important to you…and we do not ever lose sight of that fact. From first time investors to the most savvy veteran of personal finance, we are always available to support, educate and offer insight tailored to the unique needs of each person we serve.

We understand that your investments are not just about money—they are what will allow you to realize your important and unique life goals. You tell us where you want to go, and our holistic financial planning process will help give you your best chance of getting there.

03. Our Process

Process doesn’t have to be a standardized sequence of generic questions, answers and tasks. There is no substitute for getting to know someone through old fashioned conversation. Our process is very efficient, yet highly personalized and painless. It allows us to truly understand your unique situation and the things that are most important to you, in both the present and in the future. Put succinctly, we need to understand who you are to know exactly how we can best serve you.
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Our Services

Four-hundred years ago the English poet, John Donne, wrote the line: "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." So, too, is the integration of each component of financial planning. As CFP’s®, the advisors at Renaissance Financial Management fully subscribe to the integration of all aspects of financial planning and financial asset management. Our approach is holistic.

Each of Renaissance’s advisors has earned the prestigious designation of Certified Financial Planner®, but not because we need more letters behind our names. We limit our firm’s practice to professional CFP®s because we know how comprehensive financial education, experience, and a continual commitment to education combine to enrich the planning process.

Our clients are diverse and we do not attempt to fit them into cookie cutter services. We spend time listening to you and we address your description of your needs. From there, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to create a comprehensive strategy that is useful to you. Our goal is to meet your needs and partner with you throughout your lifetime in a dynamic, evolving financial PLAN — not to create a thick document earmarked for bedtime reading.

At Renaissance Financial, we can help you in any one of these diverse areas of financial services. What sets us apart, however, is our expertise at designing and orchestrating a holistic Financial Plan that focuses on your very personal financial future.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a complex process. Traditionally, retirement resources have been described as a “three legged stool.” Briefly, the three legs in the U.S. experience include: (1) Social Security, (2) savings, and (if available) (3) pension plans. We evaluate each client’s unique situation, fully explain the possibilities based on that evaluation and then plan individualized strategies to help our clients move more confidently toward retirement. Why Retirement Planning is

Investment Planning

Renaissance Financial Management’s CFP ® Advisors have a “team” approach to investment management, tailored to each client’s personal goals and to the suitability of each type of investment to meet those goals. We are not a collection of “silos.” Yes, it takes a village. We know that our clients are unique people with unique needs and goals, and that successful investment strategies must always take those into account. We develop

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a gift of love. It is not just about you. It is about who, or what, you care most about and the legacy you want to leave in our world. Effective estate planning focuses on your values—not just your valuables. Why Estate Planning is Important Too many families are torn apart by the fallout of an ineffective or nonexistent estate plan. Without it, mourning family members are

Tax Planning

The U.S. tax system is woefully complex. There are many types of federal, state, and local taxation. There are many fields of taxation that Renaissance CFP’s ® address, including personal income taxes, business taxes, payroll taxes, investment taxes, estate taxes, and more. Most of our CFPs ® are former and present-day educators. Sharing our knowledge, and providing assurance that the messages are understood, are both key attributes at Renaissance. While

Business Planning

At one time, it seemed that all it took to run a business was a good idea. If you offered the right product or service, the public would follow. Then, when the time was right, you would either sell your business or leave it to your family. Essentially, common sense could prevail. But while this strategy, or lack thereof, can occasionally result in success, times have become more complex. Today’s

Insurance Planning

The one certainty in life is that all of us will experience uncertainty at some point. We know that unmitigated risk can wreak havoc on our business and our personal lives.This is why insurance exists--to mitigate the risk that could prove catastrophic to a financial plan, whether temporarily or permanently. Insurance transfers the financial risk of life’s events to an insurance company, shielding your family from the financial consequences if

Divorce Financial Services

Division of assets is one of the biggest issues of the divorce process, and one of the most stressful. Too often, the emotion and confusion of an adversarial process cloud the real issues, making a truly equitable split difficult to achieve. Many times, simple fear of the road ahead (and the uncertainty of the financial implications of the settlement) is what fuels the “messiness” of the divorce process. This inevitably

Our Team


In a perfect world, every money decision we make would be totally rational. We’d consider all of the facts. Then, we’d balance them with the risks to make the most logical choice available. 1 That sounds simple. Yet it doesn’t happen as much as it should in the real world. 1, 2 That’s because many of us aren’t relying on logic and the facts to make financial decisions—and we probably don’t even realize it. 2...
Smart investing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Current events matter, and this year, the 2024 Presidential Elections are taking center stage. That’s rattling a lot of us, causing more election stress than ever before. 1 It’s also raising a lot of questions about investing in election years, how to respond to market uncertainty, and what money moves truly make sense. Here’s a handful of key factors to keep in mind when you’re investing in an...

We manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.