Investment Planning

Renaissance Financial Management’s CFP® Advisors have a “team” approach to investment management, tailored to each client’s personal goals and to the suitability of each type of investment to meet those goals. We are not a collection of “silos.” Yes, it takes a village.
We know that our clients are unique people with unique needs and goals, and that successful investment strategies must always take those into account. We develop our investment strategies around each individual client’s risk tolerance, investing experience and stage of life. 
At Renaissance, each CFP® advisor is fee only. We do not charge any commissions. Consistent with the CFP® Board of Standards, all of our fees are 100% transparent, prior to engagement. All client charges are carefully explained to each client. In addition, we are independent, which means that we have no bias toward any fund company nor do we solicit or receive any so-called “soft dollars” (promotional money) from anyone.
While all of our client accounts are discretionary, we coach and teach our clients about alternative investment choices - regardless of each client’s or the investment’s level of sophistication. For example we assist each of our clients to understand the difference between: exchange traded funds and mutual funds; between stocks and bonds; between call and put options; among distributions from capital gains, dividends and interest; and among various types of accounts.
At our periodic review meetings, we review with each client: the broad overview of the economic/financial environment, the performance and diversity of each client’s portfolio, our views of the investment horizon, and finally, consultation regarding changes in client portfolios. We have learned over many years that these sharing visits give our clients more confidence in their investment choices and help our advisors better serve our clients.
We also know that many of our clients want investment strategies that support their values—they want to “do good while doing well” with their money.  Whether you have products or companies you simply want to avoid, or definite ideas on what you want to support, we can help you. We will help you develop a socially responsible investment strategy which takes into consideration both financial return and social/environmental responsibility.